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Education in Our Networked Future

As we admission the Connected Age, our apprenticeship systems are added falling short. We accept anxiously crafted and aesthetic the apprenticeship system, schools, abstruse colleges and civil universities, but they are edifices of a altered age.

There are three affidavit why I say so.
First, we accept confused from a time of advice absence to advice abundance. Today’s claiming is not to admission information, but to analysis its credential and to be able to use it in context. But our accepted apprenticeship is mostly about ‘knowing’ things rather than ‘discovery’. The academy arrangement is advised to abash adroitness and questioning. The acceptance are still appropriate to address memorized answers rather than Googling the facts and architecture absolute or collaborative coursework.

Moreover, the apprenticeship arrangement today is congenital as Amount Alternation systems. The focus is on the Process, and the accomplished abstraction is to add amount to a apprentice who turns up at the alpha of the division so that she can accommodated the end-Semester requirements. But such connected processes are, by definition, adamant to lath assorted acquirements preferences of individuals. The accumulation produced apprenticeship aswell discriminates adjoin alcove capacity and appropriate interests. This apprenticeship arrangement fails to accommodated its civic charge - because authoritative accountants out of artists does not complete like a acute abstraction any more.
Finally, today’s learners appear to academy afterwards seeing a computer at home for their absolute lifetime, accepting their adaptable phones aback their academy canicule and most, if not all, accept their best accompany on Facebook or Orkut. They appear from the continued appendage apple of endless, special, claimed possibilities. So, the college, the classes, the tutorial batches are al of a sudden actual conflicting to them. The alone way apprenticeship can become allusive to today’s learners is by abutting aback with life.

So, at one end, I apprehend the agents accusatory that acceptance were texting or blockage emails on their adaptable while the chic was on. I sat in a academy lath affair to adjudge whether acceptance should be expelled from the chic for application Facebook during the sessions. At the acute end, there are complaints of abuse, disrespect, concrete abandon adjoin the teachers. While this may be a evidence of a added amusing dysfunction in some cases, these are aswell indicators that the apprenticeship does not assume to be carrying value.

So, privatise! This is the avant-garde angle to break the apprenticeship problem. Privatize the accomplished arrangement and watch the magic: suddenly, new agleam computers will transform the classroom and accomplish it a fun place. Modern, accessible for Facebook generation. But a lot of efforts in privatisation has not afflicted the system, they alone approved to advance it. The acceptable amount alternation archetypal was retained. The best declined, with demands for added assisting courses bottleneck out the alcove ones. The accomplished arrangement resembled added like a factory, with greater focus on action efficiencies.

But an another archetypal of apprenticeship is agilely emerging. This is a model, which one would alarm a Facilitated User Network. This is altered from Amount Chain, because, here, amount does not abide in the action or the person, it resides in the Network. Like a telecom network, area the arrangement becomes added admired with anniversary new being abutting to it. Or banks, which recycle drop as investment, and allowance companies, area one pays into the basin and dips into the basin if in need.

In the ambience of education, anticipate this as a alternation of commutual libraries with associate advice and able mentoring, but the abecedarian decides what she wants to learn. The bogus limitations - you can’t admission the chic because you are Fifty or did a graduation in Sanskrit - will be gone.

If I wish to alternation myself in psychology, I should be able to accept tomorrow, behindhand of my accomplishments or age or even concrete location. Then, I should be able to admission a technology-facilitated acquirements which will adviser me through the capital assets and acquiesce me to do the coursework in the ambience of my activity application the advice I had.
I would apprentice to affix up with humans beyond the apple with agnate interests and persuasion. I shall collaborate, affix and co-discover. That’s what our apprenticeship arrangement will attending like. Soon.

Sudhakar Ram is Chairman and Co-Founder of Mastek, a arch IT solutions company. He has accounting online writing on transforming India, accumulated governance, banking markets and governments. He believes that we accept the abeyant to actualize a acceptable apple and reside in accord with our environment. However, this would crave a axiological about-face in our mindsets - the “constructs” that drive our attitudes and actions.

Online Degrees and Career Education According to Your Abilities

The acceptance of online schools is accretion if it comes to students. Most acceptance who charge to plan to accounts their academy allowances charge to achieve for online career apprenticeship so that they will accept abundant time to plan while spending their chargeless time studying.
When a being is active and dedicated, he or she can plan through this harder time and accompany a college paying job afterwards graduation. In allotment the best online amount for you, you charge to accede your abilities and strengths.
1. Are you absorbed appear abstruse stuff?
If you are, Engineering is the advance for you because this affectionate of plan studies about the conception of complicated mechanics from simpler structures. Depending on the blazon of engineering advance you are pursuing, you may be absorbed appear mathematics, finance, science or designs.
2. Are you a baton material?
If yes, again you may do able-bodied in Business or Management careers. These careers will accord you a adventitious to hone your administration tendencies into a advantageous achievement that will advice you plan with your teammates for the advancement of your called project. The aftereffect of your activity will reflect on how able-bodied you administer your resources, manpower and budget.
3. Are you absorbed to advice others?
Political Science, Legal Services, Apprenticeship and Nursing would be your choices. All these courses accept something to do with a career apprenticeship affiliated with accessible service. You are either asked to conduct others or actual their mistakes and advice them prosper.
In Nursing, you are accustomed the adventitious to accurate your claimed angle if it comes to your patients’ health, while in Apprenticeship you are honing acceptance to chase the appropriate path. These courses are based from the animal accommodation to advise and affliction for others. Political Science and Legal Services are both affiliated with the law, so it will aswell charge a few abstruse skills.
4. Are you monetarily inclined?
If you adopt to bout the apple and acquire money, you can accede Aviation. This is rated as one of the high-paying jobs nowadays, so you will not be disappointed.
5. Do you like technology, internet and architect stuff?
If you are a cyber geek, or just absorbed in how the internet works, IT or Computer Science accompanying courses are meant for you. Through these courses you will be able to apprentice how to assay advice as the computer sees it and aswell dispense abstracts in adjustment to accept optimum active time output.
6. Do you like businesses?
If you plan to accept a business adventure of your own, you ability as able-bodied accord yourself accomplishments in Marketing. Through this you will apprentice how to administer resources, accept the appropriate location, and time your advertisements so that the barter will see the charge for your products.
Whatever career apprenticeship you feel is adapted for you, it is still your advantage to abstraction your called advance so that you will be able to acquire the amount and advice yourself with added job offers. In the end, what affairs is that you persevere to complete the advance you accept started and see for yourself how simple it is to be acknowledged in your called path.

Education Connection

The accent of a able-bodied angled apprenticeship is acutely important in today’s anytime alteration world. Although you may apperceive absolutely what acreage or business you wish to get into, be abiding to absolutely appraise your bearings and scenario. In adjustment to do this I feel it is acute analysis the waters, to get your easily bedraggled with something a bit unfamiliar.

I went to a a advanced arts academy in Staten Island, NY and why, ability you ask. I went because I had no abstraction what I capital to abstraction and furthermore, what I capital to do, but I did apperceive one thing, if I was traveling to acquisition out I was traveling to acquisition out in the a lot of assorted city-limits in the world, NYC. Here is area I got my able-bodied angled education. I took my sciences, histories, mathematics, religions, and economics courses during my time in the chic and abstruse actual abundant from them. However I feel abundant of my academic apprenticeship came from the time that I spent out of the classroom. The time acquirements and compassionate how humans work, how the city-limits operated, the acceleration at which it operated, how trucks came in day in and day out to banal the city, all this baffled me and I was analytical to apprentice about it.

I’m not downplaying my classroom time, but rather candid on the actuality that if I had been a complete classroom student, I would not accept been able to administer my classroom article to the circadian trifles of the absolute world. Apprenticeship comes in abounding forms, shapes, and sizes. One have to attending above the classroom for this while at the aforementioned time, canonizing and befitting beginning what was accomplished in the classroom. Once this affiliation is fabricated then, able-bodied my friend, you are an accomplished individual!

Preparation for the application process

So you are in high school, and the prospect of going to College may seem exciting, as well as exasperating. You have waited the day that you can finally leave and start living independently. But with this emotion, comes a lot of responsibility. First, is the enormous task of fill and submit the application forms, which can leave thinking of where to seek help.

Create a curriculum vitae
You should start preparing for the long and slow process when you’re in the last year in high school. Create a resume that lists their academic qualifications, extracurricular activities, and work experience, in your case. Resume must present itself as a safe and individual student, and emphasize their high points. Formulate is such that it will become an important and effective instrument in their application process.

Choice of schools
It is necessary to make a list of colleges to apply to. This may seem puzzling at first, as there may be several universities that offer courses that want to follow. Keep things simple reduction of the list of five or six “most likely” schools. Please note that all applications which will cost you a fee request, which is not refundable. Take the help of their parents, and also your friends who are already in college and will guide you in the right direction, or even your school counselor, which is probably the most well versed in your academic record. The factors that determine the choice of schools would be costs, courses offered, location of the University, and the facilities that are offered (recreational, residence students, laboratories, computing, extracurricular activities, sports, etc.)

Make a visit to the College (s) of your choice. Take a tour of the campus, you will be given an idea of college life soon to be yourself experiencing. Chat with students and ask their views about the University, including courses, teaching methods, sports and leisure facilities, bedroom facilities, etc if you have the opportunity to know and collect all the important people contact numbers (professors, career, representative admission counselors, etc), what do you think will be useful to you during the process. Feel free to ask questions, the University will practically be your home in the next few years.

Scholastic Assessment Test (SAT)
The SAT reasoning test is used by universities as a reference point to offer scholarships to students. A high level on the SAT is very important. A good result will help you get admission to a prestigious University, as well as better your chances of receiving financial aid. Chalk out a plan of study, take expert advice and buy good books for self-study. Even can you enroll in tutoring classes or online which prepare students for SAT test. Get a lot of practice, solving simulated tests. Identify your weak points so that you can work on its improvement. If you are interested in applying for an “early action” or “early decision”, perform your SAT in October, since these processes required to send their applications in November. Be sure to send your SAT and SAT subject test for all schools wishing to apply.

Letters of recommendation
Letters of recommendation from teachers and counselors, and employers are also required, however if you have any work experience. Ask for the cards in advance, and then monitoring of the respective individuals to verify that his letters have been sent on time.

Writing essays
Essay is an important aspect of the implementation process. Write your essay carefully. It is your best opportunity to show its strengths and achievements. Make a draft before writing. Point out the things that are not part of his curriculum vitae, or details on the activities and experiences mentioned therein. Write things about yourself that will highlight their merits, and that they told in an interesting way. Or, you could exchange ideas and choose from a wide variety of topics to write. Avoid writing on controversial topics. Use a simple and lucid language. Once you have outlined the project, it is the time to finish. Take a feedback about your own writing of a family or trusted friend, someone who will offer you an unbiased opinion. Check very carefully. Read and reread the essay.

University admission
Try to complete the final process before November or December. Before submitting the application, copies of each application for your records. If you need financial help,

Learn how to properly read speed

There is a direct relationship between age and expectations. As adults, we see an increasing number of assignments and responsibilities demanding pieces of our time and attention. If you’re passionate about reading or planning to devote some time to studying, you’re desperately to squeeze some time from his busy schedule for reading. Unfortunately, there are only 24 hours each day and clock can never be reverse! My article has an excellent solution to overcome this problem. The solution is simply to learn to read faster.
Ignore the poor reading habits

Subconscious vocalization
People tend to have an incorrigible habit of the subconscious by saying the word in his mind. The disadvantage of this habit is that you finish reading at the speed with which it is often speak. Your mind begins to associate the reading and understanding of the text only after their mental pronunciation. This is to break this habit, just by reading the text trying to not talk in your mind. I know that it is difficult to break this habit, but it is not impossible. Your reading speed goes directly to 600 words per minute if to overcome this habit.

Read every word
From early childhood, we are taught to read with emphasis on each word and phrase. This makes your mind read a word in particular, understand its meaning and then move towards the understanding of the following words. From this we can deduce that there is substantial support back and forth between reading and understanding. However, this technique does not have to be used when you are more and better with the power of grip. You can train your mind to read blocks of several words at a time. This helps you to quickly read.

Unnecessary regression
There is a general tendency for many people to return to a paragraph or a page in particular and reread it. Or you are not sure of what you have read or what they want is to confirm certain details in paragraph or page again. This problem can be overcome by using a pointer to help you search text that you read at speed without any temptation to go back. To a pointer, you can use your finger or the tip of your pen or pencil.

Uncontrolled eye movement
It is a common occurrence that most readers avoid the use of peripheral vision to read the words at the end of the line. An average reader tends to focus on almost five words at a time. All you need to do is relax your face and soften the look. Read the text which is directly visible and use your peripheral vision to go through the final part of the line. This helps you to read and pass on to subsequent lines faster.

Lack of concentration
People have a habit of performing multiple tasks of reading with other activities such as listening to music or watching television. This completely negates the basic principle that must be followed to successfully capture a text. I suggest to all my readers to read in an environment without distractions. Relaxes your mind before reading what you can forget any thoughts about issues lost children or family problems. Stop daydreaming and increase their interest in running for the text. One easy way is to set a timer and run against time to finish reading the text. When you do, you may feel as if you are competing with yourself.

Master the skills of reading speed

Crawler speed
A timer or an alarm common to delimit the time is an essential tool to record the own speed reading. To begin, find your original reading speed. Here the timer can be adjusted to say 5 minutes and start reading. Find out how many words they had read when the timer started to sound. Make a careful noting of time and words on a piece of paper or a chart. Now do this for subsequent sessions of reading also. Ideally, the reading time should remain constant. Only then you can understand if its speed has increased or not.

Repeated practice
The basic requirement to master this skill is to practice repeatedly. There is another option to practice. The more do you it, easier it gain speed in reading. It is suggested to try read more number of words in the same period of time with each practice session. Some of the best scores of speeding are approximately 1000 to 2000 words per minute. So they point to a higher score. Remember, do not you are expected to understand every word when the reading speed is. But to work harder, even understanding easier.

Choose right text
For beginners, it is suggested to avoid the use of complicated texts and mu

Requirements to become an adoption agent

For starters, an agent of the adoption is the basic link between the adoptive parents, birth parents and agency adoption or institution. It can be said with good reason, that the future of a child is very dependent on the skills of an adoption agent. If you are looking for a career in the welfare of the child, there is nothing better to apply to be an agent of the adoption.
Adoption agent: eligibility criteria

Essential requirements
An ideal candidate for the post of the adoption agent is expected to have a full-time two-year master’s degree in social work (MSW) or a law degree. Ideally, an additional qualification in the laws of international adoption and the psychology is a necessity. After successfully completing his degree or master’s degree, can be expected to work at an Institute for the adoption of State property for a minimum of 3000 hours before qualifying to work officially as adoption agent. These are some of the basic qualifications and standards that are expected of an adoption agent. However, there may be slight variations in the State scholars in the official credentials, to be applied for this post.

Training and licensing
It is necessary to have sufficient training, licenses, and certifications from the State in which you want to work. This training may be acquired through working with some institutions, such as:

Agency private placement programs
Agency private with a domestic infant placement program
Agency private with a program of international insertion
Public child welfare agency

A certification in this regard can be obtained from the National Board of certified counselors.

Background check
The adoption agency usually carries out a background check for adoption through the scan agent through the records of the police. An agent may be appointed officially only upon receipt of a clean police chit.

Adoption agent: employment prospects

An adoption agent, to be a link between the biological parents and the adoptive parents, have to handle a lot of emotions. He or she has to be gentle, alert, open-minded and patient. At the same time, he or she needs to be completely honest about certain events, either with groups of parents or relatives. One of the primary responsibilities of an agent of the adoption is to help the biological mother or biological parents clear the blame for put a child for adoption or foster care. In the same way, the experience of the separation of a child at birth can be very traumatic for a biological mother. It is responsibility of the agent to advise it.

Keep Home Study
The adoption agent expected the conclusion of a study visit in the home where there are some mandatory procedures. The agent is expected to talk with all members of the family individually and in groups on the adoption process. This is what constitutes the pre-adoptivo home study:

There is a set of documents that must be filled and signed by the adoptive parents, as well as the adoption agent. These documents form the basis of an application for adoption.
A home study, the adoption agent is expected to judge whether the family is really suitable to adopt a child.
The adoption agent should inform the family about the pros and cons of the adoption, in order to prepare them for the actual adoption.
The agent has to inspect the current home environment, run a check of criminal records on prospective adoptive parents and create a home study report. This psycho-social report is delivered to the adoption panel for review.

Pre-approval of training
The adoption agent is expected to keep prior to the adoption of future training adoptive parent before the adoption is carried out effectively. These general training courses involves more information about child care, case studies on how to inform the child about their adoption, etc.

Expected salary
An adoption agent can expect an average salary ranging from $80,000 to $94,000 per year. These salaries may vary from State to State.

It should take into account that this work is not a field that offers a fat check. Be an agent of the adoption is a satisfactory job that makes you an angel of hope for the child, the adoptive parents and biological parents. As it happens to be the main mediator in the process, likely there is contact with the adoptee or birth parents if they are looking for a father and child reunion.

The educational achievements and Matthew effect

Not everyone is equal in terms of wealth. Some are rich, some are poor and some are average or middle class. But there is a tendency that predominates in wealth or wealth, that those who are rich tend to be richer. And those who are poor are still poor. The phrase is catchy “the rich are getting richer and the poor poorer”. You could say that the rich know how to make money, thus gaining more money is natural. But the poor do not have the skills or capital to make money and even though they only live makes them poorer. A common observation bitter but is under the long and endless “life isn’t fair” list. It is even in the Bible. The Gospel according to St. Matthew says:
Because everyone who has, more will be given, and you will have in abundance, but of those who do not have, even what has will be removed. -Matthew 25: 29, new revised Standard Version

In less elegant terms using Street language, if you do, that they hold and grow with it. If I don’t, there is no way you are going to get. This observation is aptly referred to as the effect Mateo or cumulative advantage. Consider the following examples of the Matthew effect:

A research team, credit for a new discovery gives always to the scientist most famous or known of the group, although others have done equal work or more in the team. They will receive some praise, but more often than not, the fame and the glory is for someone that is already known.

In the world of the show, the actor or actress in a movie takes all the fame and glory that comes with the success of a film. This fame in turn add to your / notoriety. The director and his team’s standing in the limelight dimming or not-so-bright of praise, unless the director is also famous as Steven Spielberg or Martin Scorsese.

The Matthew in education effect

Wealth or praise is an area of life in which the Matthew effect is observed. More worrying is the impact in the field of education. Keith E. Stanovich, current President of research of Canada in applied cognitive science at the University of Toronto, noted this effect in children’s learning capacity. To illustrate the situation, consider the skills of reading two children, Sam and Chris.

Sam learns to read at the age of five years and a period of two years, can read a book of stories with images very easily. His reading of files and capacity is perfected. At the age of 10 years, Sam read an Agatha Christie or a full novel. Your appetite is voracious reading, you can read quickly and well, their vocabulary is excellent for your age and your writing and oratory also top. Sam has no problem reading of larger and more complicated books and learn more with each book. Their levels of knowledge will increase by leaps and bounds.

Chris is learning to read at 5. It is difficult and not put much effort into learning how to read. In third grade, Chris still has difficulties to read, read on an a, b, c level, while their peers can read picture books and fairy tales. The voltage reading that makes Chris even more reluctant to read. As he hates to read, you can not follow the pace of the class. Their poor reading skills affect his writing and mathematics, and even to speak, he dares not. Chris has a very poor vocabulary. At the age of 10, reading a book of images is a horrible tension for him. Their speech patterns are also affected.

Draw a chart based on previous cases. A clear and constant graph upwards and is formed of Sam reading ability. Each year, the graph rises a point upwards. Do not get wet or fall. But Chris chart has a start slow and never rises. With the passage of time, falls and drops alarming chart. It starts in the red and remains red. This is a clear case of the Matthew effect. The ability to read feeds and improves with time, but if they don’t understand the gift of reading at the right time, you can fall behind and its capacity deteriorates even more. Poor reading skills starting a vicious circle, where unable to read well, the read speed slows, begins to hate reading and avoid at all costs, only worsens their capacity. Poor reading also affects their capacity for analysis and logic, as well as writing and speech. So when the children are bad at reading, they tend to get worse over time. But those who are good at reading only to improve.

The dangers of the Matthew effect

Like wealth, the ability to read can be built or inherited. A child in the first degree can be read at a 3rd grade level, perhaps due to the superior intellect or better pre-school education. This ability he / she does not deteriorate due to the lack of challenge, but is in

How to motivate your child to study

Parents want their children to succeed in life and know that success comes with the adequate knowledge. For this reason, the parents support their children in good educational institutions in order to prepare them for life. The duty of the parents is not only getting a good school for the education of their children, but to animate from time to time so that their interest in learning stays on. Some children are auto-motivados to learning and they are auto-impulsada to assume difficult tasks with a positive attitude. Once your goal is, they strive hard to achieve this without having to be pulled.

On the other hand, there are children who show less interest in learning. They are self-motivated to learn new things in life and tend to adhere to the simple tasks that require less effort. They need much insistence to start something and their negative attitude leads to a lack of interest in learning. The parents of these children need to take that extra effort to encourage their children to study. A systematic and strategic approach is needed to instil interest in these children. If your child is also facing this problem, is best know how can motivate your child to study so he / she can Excel in all areas of life.

Ways to motivate your child to study

Provide a good study environment
A good environment is very essential for a proper learning. Interruptions and noise tends to disturb the concentration of a child and create difficulties in the study. A quiet room with a minimum disturbance and adequate lighting must be provided so your child feels like studying in an environment as well. The creation of a good learning environment is in the hands of the parents and they must be sure to provide one for your child.

It helps to set achievable goals
Help the child to establish achievable goals not only will provide a clear picture with the child about what must be achieved within a certain period, but also help in the measurement of achievements. The realization of the objectives set out to instill a sense of confidence in the child and indirectly encourage them to fight for new ones.

Set reasonable expectations
Many parents have a habit of setting reasonable expectations of the child, which creates undue pressure on the child’s mind and results in the depression when he / she cannot cope them. Therefore, parents must understand their child’s learning capacity and establish reasonable expectations, which can be achieved with little effort. In compliance with the expectations of the parents, the child will feel satisfied and work harder for a better performance.

Teach the importance of learning
Students who have no interest in learning, generally do not know the importance of learning from their lives. Therefore, it is often considered secondary and they do not pay much attention to it. A child with this type of mentality must be taught the importance of the study and knowledge of why parents think that the studies are important.

Use other learning techniques
Make learning an interesting activity can be of great help. Children often get bored with study of routine procedures, which makes them lose interest in studies. Using techniques such as fun activities and games can bring back the lost interest and motivate children to study more frequently.

Focus on areas of high interest
All children have specific areas of interest. Identify these areas and start with these issues so that the child sits down to study. Topics as interesting sessions, include small less topics of interest sessions so that the child acquires knowledge about them.

Encourage your child
Building can do wonders for a person behind. If a child is under depression or it has failed to achieve the stated objectives, they do not complain, rather, encouraged to instill a never-die-attitude in the child. Once this attitude develops, the child is going to work harder each time it fails and will be able to succeed.

Helps in the study of
Parents should accompany their children during their studies to help them out wherever they are stuck. Many times, children don’t like studying, simply because they do not understand the issue. If parents will help them solve their problems and make them understand the subject, which no doubt would like to learn a little more about it.

Promoting competition
Competition can encourage the child to put in that effort extra. It is easy to encourage children in this way because they like to stay ahead of your friends or classmates. Get better result can motivate the child to achieve good results.

Appreciate and reward
A pat on

Good ways to teach your child math

Mathematics is a subject which some children love and understand easily while others struggle even with the basics. If you are presented in a fun and creative way, children can easily learn simple math concepts. Children’s brains are like sponges, absorbing everything shown, and are taught to them eagerly. Doing more this depends on us. You may be surprised to know that opportunities for the learning and teaching of mathematics are found in abundance in our day to day.
Children can begin to learn math from an early age, even when they are young. The incorporation of simple mathematical problems in our daily activities in the home is the first step to teach mathematics and goes a long way in providing children with this essential life skill that will help them in adulthood. Don’t think this as a daunting task, all you need is a positive attitude and easily find things around the House!

For small and pre-school children
Make mathematics a part of their daily activities. To the play and sing with them, try to include counting as part of the activities of mathematics for children in pre-school age. Learning can be fun if they are taught in jest, especially at a very young age. Count out loud at first, then with them several times a day, every day. Count everything what are, trees, fruits, books, and toys. Buy basic items that will make this process easy and fun. If you wash the clothes, ask to have the clothes! Count up and down the stairs.
They make fun of math for young children
Take cuts of cardboard and write numbers on them, and do to identify and recognize them. Once you become familiar with them, ask them to recognize numbers, for example a number of House, license plates, halls, supermarkets, etc.
Go a step higher, and introduce the concept of greater that and less than. Draw different shapes such as squares and circles on a sheet of paper. Ask them to tell the forms, and ask that they are more in number. The concept of geometry can be entered at this stage to make them know the forms too, and ask them if they can distinguish the forms of the objects that are everyday.
You can even enter the addition and subtraction at this stage. Line of pieces of blocks, fruit or crackers of animals on a table, and ask your child to count them. Then, add a few pieces or take a little distance, and again asked him / she tell. In this way, the child may develop a taste for the basic concepts of more and less, from an age early.
Play math games. Each of you must solve mathematical puzzles and keeping track of who do things well and ends more quickly. Give your child an advantage and let you win, the more WINS, sharper will be to continue the game and solve math problems!

For older children
It has been proven that children learn faster when Visual teaching practices are used. The use of cards, card game, and even computer games, to a certain extent can help a child in learning new concepts of mathematics. There are quite interactive math games available learning, which can be a very useful asset to poke fun at mathematics and easy.
Make math Fun for children
Make it a point to recite the multiplication tables. Know your pictures is a great tool and minimizes the dependency of a measure calculator that the child grows. You don’t have to be a boring activity that should make you feel in a place. Say out loud when you are driving them to school, or when gather for a family meal. Ask them to write the tables on colored paper and stick them in the refrigerator, on the walls of the bedroom or study hall.
Whenever you go shopping, ask your child to help you with food gathering. Ask him / her to tell the exact amount of the changes in the housing desk. This type of learning provides an exciting real-world experience and also introduce your child to the concept of coins of five cents, ten cents, quarters, and also knows the value of money. Or a shopping trip in the country can pretend to teach children the basic concepts of percentage, decimals and fractions using concepts such as discounts and sales tax.
Play games that involve the use of dice. Ever thrown a couple of